As educators standards of practice are the foundation for all that we do. The Department of Innovation and Digital Learning has adopted the ISTE NETs for Advancing Digital Age Coaching in order to advance the integration of the Common Core State Standards and our core mission.

CCSD's Acceptable Use of Technology Policy was updated and approved by the school board. 

The SC content standards are at the heart of instructional planning and delivery. CCSD Ed Tech strives to help teachers enhance their practice and maximize student learning through effective integration of SC Standards, 21st century skills and ISTE NETs.  

The Profile of an SC Graduate, developed by the Transform SC coalition, describes the knowledge, skills and characteristics students need to be successful.  CCSD Ed Tech  supports teachers and leadership in the shift from traditional to student-driven learning models that foster the development of "World Class Skills".

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) standards address the social ethical, legal, and human issues associated with technology use in the classroom. South Carolina has adopted the ISTE Standards as the state technology standards. CCSD Ed Tech is committed to supporting digital age teaching, learning and leadership through the integration of ISTE standards for teachersstudents and administrators.  

ISTE Standards•S © 2016 International Society for Technology in Education.

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